The treacherous gods of the mid-aughts have decided to bless the Internet by making all four seasons of the revered, pre-recession teen soap The OC available to stream on CW Seedboth the website and the app.

For anyone who NEEDS a refreshment (smdh), the sun-drowned show follows wrong-side-of-the-tracks Ryan Atwood after he is adopted into the uber-rich and morally conscious Cohen family and their palatial existence in Orange County, CA.

Ryan, along with his new brother, alt-nerd hero Seth, navigates the horrifying entitlement of Orange County High, ruled by a lovably tyrannical Summer Roberts, and falls into a clandestine relationship with Marissa Cooper.

Marissa is the ultimate "that girl," consistently running, or driving (sorry still too soon!!!!!!) high-speed into dramatic situations that are as unbelievably ludicrous as they are unnecessary.

But that's why we love herrrrrrrrr.

We love the brooding, can't-help-myself theatrics of the rich white girl distress she's constantly feigning.

It's what made the show so irresistible.

In honor of Marissa, and her new induction into online streaming, here are 20 gifs that perfectly illustrate Marissa Cooper buckling under the weight of the unbearable lightness of being (white and rich).

1. "Ugh, needed this"

2. "Needed this, too"

3. "And this"

4. "Yeah"

5. "Coffee sounds good"

6."I'm just...tired"

7. "I don't know why! I just am"

8. "I'm just gonna read, I guess"

9. "Why are you watching me read?"

10. "Just go away!!!!!"

11. "You're the one who left when I said go away"

12. "Sorry"

13. "I mean, I think we should try, right?"

14. "You know what I mean?"

15. "I promise"

16. "You should go"

17. "Why did you leave just now?"

18. "Obviously"

19. "You're actually leaving?"


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