Back in 2012, Marina Diamandis, of Marina and the Diamonds told us the following: "It's paradoxical to be a DIY artist with big aspirations -- those two ideas tend to go completely against one another. But, I'm trying to package something that has the ethos of an indie artist in a way that more people can enjoy it." Indeed, Diamandis seems to have harnessed the power of the indie-to-mainstream-pop crossover in a way that that perhaps only Sia has effectively done recently -- and Diamandis is even cool with the world seeing her face. After releasing a handful of singles from the much-anticipated Froot (out March 16th), including the heart-rendering "I'm a Ruin," Diamandis is back with the video for another single, "Forget." Watch above as she makes a strong case for letting go of the past and hot-pink eyeliner.
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