On last night's Watch What Happens Live!, Mariah Carey descended from her rosegold, snowy grotto in the sky, to promote her new E! show, and spread her velvety, diva holiday cheer, in general.

The most elusive chanteuse--while playing Andy Cohen's tell-all game "Plead the Fifth"--managed to not only shade her clandestine enemy Jennifer Lopez, as well as rising indie musician Demetria Lovato, in one seamless sweep.

Cohen pressed Mimi about some social media grenades Demi tossed over at her this summer, in defense of Ariana Grande and JLo:

"What would you say to Demi?" Cohen asked.

In an almost divine stroke, Mariah said this:

I don't know her either, so I wouldn't say anything to her. She should come up, introduce herself to me, say 'here's my opinion, what do you think about it?' That's how you handle shit.

Excuse me, observing myself splayed out on the floor, as I've left my body and hover in a patch of troposphere.

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