Mariah Carey Has a New Song with Ty Dolla $ign and... Skrillex?

It actually works!

The lineup may sound strange, but Mariah Carey, queen of shade and curveballs, is actually very much in her lane with new song, "The Distance."

It capitalizes on her gifted ear for melody and hooks, while featuring Ty Dolla $ign, and breezy production by... Skrillex? Yes. It actually works! The single is from her upcoming 15th — yes, 15th — studio album, Caution, which arrives November 16, and it's a solid reminder of her staying power: "They said I wouldn't go the distance," she sings knowingly. Who said that? Clearly they were wrong.

Anyway, see the gorgeous Caution cover art below (which is giving us Britney Onyx Hotel Tour) and pre-order the new 10-track album, here.

Photo courtesy of Mariah Carey

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