Is Mariah Carey Giving Us an 'Old Town Road' Remix?

The collab of the century might just be happening. On Friday night, "Old Town Road" artist Lil Nas X sent out a message into the Twitterverse, saying, "ok mariah carey lets get this remix in." And without even tagging her, the legendary singer/ inventor of Christmas replied, and it looks like this remix might actually be happening.

Mimi responded simply with a gorgeous photo of herself with big yeehaw energy, wearing a cowboy hat. She captioned the photo, "One Sweet Town Road," a reference to her 2009 Boyz II Men collab, "One Sweet Day."

Of course, the Internet has erupted with witty comments, memes, and reactions galore. Here's a round up of some of our favorites:

Whether the two iconic artists are serious about making this remix happen is still unclear, but here's to hoping.

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