There are many magical combinations for which we are blessed in this world. Chocolate and strawberries. Kourtney Kardashian and Youjnes Bdkjsda. But nothing goes together quite like Mariah Carey and the Museum of Sex. If we're going to pay tribute to the "Touch My Body" singer-cum-documentarian/celebrator of carnal pleasures, why not do so in a venue where carnal pleasures are both documented and celebrated?

This was clearly the thought process behind Heaven On Earth, the event series and brainchild of DJ Ty Sunderland that spotlights one iconic artist per party. This last week saw over 200 of New York nightlife's finest and funnest flock to Korea Town for the "All I Want For Christmas in Mariah" installment — a night of debauchery and of course, a healthy dose of Christmas-themed drag.

Photographer Megan Walschlager was there to witness it all—check out her photos, below.

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Photos by Megan Walschlager

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