Like young people everywhere, assistants and interns at Margiela's Paris headquarters rely heavily on technology. Their ability to carry cultural interests, career tools, social circles, and even love life in apps on phones in part informed John Galliano's notion of the modern tech nomad. We're holding our communities and identities in our pockets at all times.

Metallic VR headsets and iPads peaking through oversize bags in the electric hued collection alluded to the idea of constantly being plugged into the digital realm. Models with iPhones fastened to their ankles turned the norm of filming runway shows with smartphones back on the audience by recording attendees in real time.

Galliano's tech-obsession doesn't end there. The designer will now share the thought process behind his collections each season in a podcast titled "The Memory of… With John Galliano." By putting never-before-shared stories and inspirations on this new platform, the creative director cleverly digitizes a piece of himself and Maison Margiela for all of us digital nomads to carry around.

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