Marc Jacobs' Diet Coke Cans Are Really Cute

By Max Kessler
Ooh, we like the new Marc Jacobs-designed Diet Coke cans! [via WWD]

Matthew McConaughey is making a clothing line. It'll be called JKL, it'll be very sporty, and it won't actually be designed by McConaughey -- which is good, because dude is never wearing clothes. [via The Cut]

Turns out the topless model from the Marc Jacobs show was none other than Lily McMenamy, daughter of Kristen McMenamy. [via The Cut]

Loving Marni's new eco-friendly jewelry made out of recycled and found materials. We can see Mr. Mickey sporting those necklaces around the office. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

The new cover of Faint is vaguely terrifying and also makes our allergies flare up just by looking at it. [via Design Scene]

Belated Valentine's day present for the straight men in your life? Here's a video of Cara Delevingne in bed with lots of rose petals and pretty clothes for Love magazine. [via fashionologie]

These "Thumbs-Up" loafers by Del Toro and Five Story NYC are just what we need to charm the pants off our significant others after forgetting Valentine's Day. [via HypeBeast]

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