Tonight at 8:20 PM (EST), the second-to-last Manhattanhenge of 2016 will occur; tomorrow (July 12) at the same time, the final one of the year, in case you need a reminder that time is impossibly fast and we are all its death-grip mercy.

The Pinterest On Steroids solar moment draws in thousands of tourists each year, hoping "this is the one" shot that'll break 30 likes on Instagram.

Here's a video of the Internet's greatest Party Pooper, Neil deGrasse Tyson giving you a rundown of the phenomenon.

Fortunately, it's nice as fuck out in New York City right now, so if you're in the neighborhood, you're in luck.

Of course, may we never forget a great tragedy of 2014, when Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't so lucky...

I'm sure SJP has been waiting since noon.

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