It's men's fashion week in Milan and it's always fun to see some of the ideas of how men should be dressing in the 21st Century. We saw all types of men walking down the catwalks -- from businessmen to samurais... from dandies to intellectuals. Fashion for men seemed to divide into three catagories: SMART, SEXY.  For heteros, Donatella Versace did sexy, gorgeous sharkskin clad gigolos, and Miuccia Prada designed clothing for the smart not so macho artist types. Dolce and Gabanna and D Squared designed for the gay men they'd want to date. Alexander McQueen designed for men of power, whether bullfighters, samurais or pimps. And, of course, then there were the serious, smart looking men of Prada and Jil Sander. No sex vibe here. Here are some snaps of some of what we saw.


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