Making Plans For Lena At IFC Center!

IFC Center's currently playing Making Plans for Lena, a new film from the audacious young French director Christophe Honore (Ma Mere, Love Songs). A messy, sprawling, family drama, it focuses on a poor, unhappy Lena (Chiara Mastroianni) who has split from her husband Nigel (Jean-Marc Barr) and is valiantly trying to make a go of it with her two young children. Her whole family does pitch in to help Lena, but she's angry and continues to lash out at those around her (her parents, her sister and brother, even her new young boyfriend (Louis Garrel). She's her own worst enemy, and Mastroianni gives a turbulent performance as this troubled soul. Her children suffer along with her, especially son Anton (Donatien Suner), and in one magical interlude he tells his mom a story -- "Katel The Lost" about a woman who dances her suitors to death. The chaotic swirl of Lena's life makes for a fascinating film from just one of my favorite directors who keeps constantly surprising. 

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