It's easy to side eye slogan-ed t-shirts that announce a cause and do little else, but it's hard to resist the allure of a crop top sweatshirt that simply says, "Girls at Night on the Internet" when that's literally you. International Women's Day might be over, but here's 10 crucial closet additions -- beyond your standard "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like" tee -- to make every day women's day.
 1. Girls At Night On The Internet Sweatshirt
Artist Grace Miceli created this crop top sweatshirt because she knows what you do at night and gets you on a scarily accurate level. Noted lover of sweatshirts Lena Dunham is a fan.

2. VFILES Sport Plus "Girl Power" Necklace
A statement piece. 

3. Matriarchy Now T-Shirt
The latest addition to your ever expanding, misandrist t-shirt collection.

4. Féminin Sweatshirt
Not just a sweatshirt, but a mock turtleneck sweatshirt.   

5. You Are Nothing Without Feminist Art Tote
Where is the lie. 

6.  "PMS" Long-Sleeved Shirt
A shirt that doubles as a helpful reminder.

7. No Time For Fuckboys Halter
Women to the front, fuckboys to the left. 

8. Women Wimmin Womin Womyn Sweatshirt
Women! Also available here

9. Please Don't Talk To Me Tote
Ignoring catcalls just got easier. 

10. Witch Hat
A witch hat suitable for these modern times.

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