Madonna Stands Up for Gays and Roma in Bucharest and Gets Booed!

MM can't say that he's a big Madonna fan. She was amazing in the Danceteria days, and she has certainly had an amazing career but MM just doesn't care for her attitude and pomposity. USUALLY. Anyhoo, seems like the cuties in Bucharest, Romania are not so gung-ho on Miss Ciccone (Mr. Micks loves Romania and has spent time cruising the Cismigiu Gardens in the Romanian capital!). Madonna had a show in Bucharest on Wednesday and was booed by the crowd when she told the crowd that Romania's treatment of the Roma people saddened her. She also got a big boo when she criticized Romanians treatment of gays. Madonna has three Roma band members and MM thinks it's great for Madonna to stick up for the gays and the Roma. It reminds us of why we used to love Madge!

Photo from Getty Images

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