Rita Ora recounted a marvelous tale to The Mirror yesterday, about the first time she met her idol/head bitch in charge, Madonna.

Ora said the encounter happened three years ago at London's Twikenham Stadium for the Chime for a Change, and naturally, the rising pop star was terrified to meet Her Royal Highness.

"I was waiting for her and I was shivering," Rita recalled. "My sister said to me, 'Are you OK? You look really crazy.'"

Before she knew it, her clankin' bones froze at the sight of pop's empress herself.

"Madonna walked in with lighting all around her," Ora continued. "I said, 'Hi it is so nice to meet you,' and she was like, 'This is the lighting here. Can you just kneel down here on the floor?"

Rita obliged, because what the fuck else are you going to do when Madonna needs good lighting.

"We had this conversation where I was on the floor," Rita said. "Can you believe that?"

Yes! I can!

She added, "But that is Madonna and she can do whatever she wants. That was major. Everything is a learning curve."

Her obedience paid off, as Madonna tapped her to be the face of Madge's Macy's line...

...and a cameo in the shitshow video for 'Bitch I'm Madonna.'

I'm going to try that in my next introduction to someone. "Can you just kneel please?"

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