The First Lady of Mad Decent, LIZ, and fashion powerhouse Nicopanda have teamed up to deliver a stunning new audiovisual project. The collaboration pairs a five-part fashion editorial spread using Nicopanda's Fall/Winter 2016 line with LIZ's 33-minute mixtape, Cross Your Heart. LIZ knew she wanted a unique visual component to her music, and that Nicopanda is the perfect brand to work with. She said,

"I think Nicopanda saw a natural parallel between their brand and my brand," she said. "My brand is unapologetically pop and pristine, which is almost punk in a sense. And Nicopanda's designs are so hyper-cute, which is also rebellious."

All aspects of the project revel in this glittery allure of popular culture. LIZ situates her work in a time when genres are blending and pop is becoming less taboo. She told us,

"We wanted to play upon the perceived plasticity and packaging of pop stars, which is why we brought Golgotha on board to do that crazy plastic post-production on my skin. Pop culture has come to a place where you see mixtures of genres, and nothing has to be explained anymore. If 5 years ago someone said, 'Skrillex is going to a song with Justin Bieber' or 'Diplo's going to work with Britney Spears', you would have been like, 'Uhhh what the fuck? No way that's happening.' But I feel like people have loosened up a bit. Now you can be a fan of everything, which is why I wanted to put this project together as one long track mixtape, because I wanted to show that I can work with all these different producers, and have different concepts, and tie it all together, and it's still the same artist. It's kind of my concoction of all the different characters inside of me."

Liz was inspired by Nicola Formichetti- Nicopanda's chief creative officer- whose work is fearless and bold. She sees the collaboration as an important bridge between her old work and the experimental music she finds herself gravitating towards. She said,

"I was really excited to do something more experimental and kind of wild with my image. The mixtape itself was an opportunity to combine the roots of my early releases with a new future LIZ. This is a nice transition piece to get people's brains calibrated. I think that Nicola's designs are really funky and I'm inspired by how fearless he is in expressing his own quirks and individuality, so I wanted to meet that and push myself out of my comfort zone. On the day of the shoot, we were all surprised by how well it went. I was seeing myself in a totally different way, and I got re-inspired. I suddenly became more inspired in writing sessions in the weeks following."

Cross Your Heart gives us a taste of LIZ's saccharine world while still leaving us anxiously awaiting what's yet to come. Listen below.

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