Machete Maidens Unleashed, a Fabulous Doc on Filipino Exploitation Films, Now Out on DVD

Out now on DVD is the fabulously fun documentary on Filipino exploitation films, Machete Maidens Unleashed! (Dark Sky Films). Director Mark Hartley who made Not Quite Hollywood about Australian genre films now uncovers the loony world of action, horror and drive-in classics made during the '70s and '80s in the Philippines. Roger Corman's New World Pictures took advantage of the cheap rates and government laxity that encouraged films to be made and helped turn out women's prison movies like The Big Doll House and  The Big Bird Cage (and countless others) which were huge hits in the States. Horror films with paper mache monsters by Eddie Romero were cranked out and other bizarre fare like action films with 3 1/2 foot midget Weng Weng in For Your Height Only were also born from this wave of films. This hilarious trip into the wacky world of grindhouse also features interviews with directors and actors Joe Dante, Jack Hill, John Landis and others. A blast! 

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