Watch The Hilariously Unsettling 'M3GAN' Trailer

Watch The Hilariously Unsettling 'M3GAN' Trailer

Chucky is so last season. Now, the girls have their own killer doll to love. Meet M3GAN, the delightfully murderous doll of your dreams. Don't worry, she won't kill you, but she will kill anyone who looks at you the wrong way.

In the ridiculous trailer for the upcoming film, an orphan, Katie, is taken in by a good-hearted roboticist who develops an intelligent doll to help her cope with the loss of her parents. The Model 3 Generative Android, also known as M3GAN, quickly gets settled and becomes an incredible friend. However, the creepy life-like doll also takes its role too seriously and begins to exhibit some homicidal urges in the name of protecting Katie.

There is a lot to unpack in this trailer. For one, there's a spooky version of Taylor Swift's “It's Nice to Have a Friend” from her 2019 album Lover. There's also an incredible scene that features M3GAN busting out some TikTok dance moves in the hallway before she catches a body.

A little digging shows that James Wan is partially responsible for such horrors, which makes sense. The story was conceptualized by Malignant's Akela Cooper alongside Wan and is produced by Blumhouse Productions, known for churning out horror classics such as Insidious and The Invisible Man.

This will also be a major success for director Gerard Johnstone as his major studio debut. He previously directed Housebound, the 2014 comedy-horror that received critical acclaim.

Allison Williams is the star of M3GAN, playing Gemma, Katie's robot-making aunt. Williams is best known for her role as Marnie in HBO's Girls as well as Rose in Jordan Peele's cult-classic Get Out. According to the credits, child actress Amie Donald plays M3GAN with some help from a talented makeup team to turn her into the creepy homicidal child robot you see before you.

Perhaps the best part about movie trailer releases is the internet's reaction to them. Here's some of our favorites, including one from our favorite Megan.

I think M3GAN is a fellow Hot Girl.

Below, watch the trailer for M3GAN. The terrifying film hits theaters January 13, 2023.

Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures/YouTube