When you put two of the world's most inventive minds together, you should expect a creative explosion. Musician, activist, mother, and all around Bad Girl M.I.A. and Danish sportswear designer Astrid Andersen have proven just that. Teaming up to produce a special line of merch for M.I.A., the artist's first full collection, Andersen and M.I.A. have created something instantly covetable.

The recognizable pieces from the collection are updated versions of some of the signature looks from the brand's hip-hop inspired SS17 collection and are the perfect blend of sporty and fashionable—par for the course when it comes to Astrid's usual designs. Speaking to Vogue about the collaboration, Andersen said, "I've been a fan of M.I.A. for a long time. She was the benchmark for cool women who would wear my new collection—so when she called me, I was mega-excited." M.I.A. seemed to mirror Andersen's excitement, telling Vogue, "I chose to work with Astrid because she is an independent who combines function, sport, simplicity, and futurism. It all very much suits my personal style because it's utilitarian—you can wear it to a club because everything is light."

Ranging in price from $70 to $160, the collection features all your wardrobe staples (anoraks, t-shirts, jackets, track pants, sweats) and comes in an eye-popping color palette of orange and black. (No, it's not for Halloween. It's for M.I.A.'s AIM.)

Take a look at some of the pieces below and head to Vogue for the full sneak peek.

[h/t Vogue]

Splash photo courtesy of Astrid Andersen


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