Kween Beyoncé announced IVY PARK--her new athleisure wear--following in the casual snobbery of Kate Hudson, and Yonce's dear friend, Gwyneth Paltrow; the line will be available April 14.

Team Bey has enticed the masses to the site, by releasing an inspirational promo video, staring Bey, daugther Blue Ivy, and a whole lot of ambient music.

While the line is already setting up to be a goldmine, fellow high-end athleisure monarch, Lululemon, isn't so thrilled with the whole concept.

The company's Twitter decided to doll out some missile-sized shade in the wake of the line's announcement:

Pretty soon, the Bey Hive started swarming the Lu, who replied (with their location-turned on, nonetheless!):

Why are we assuming Beyoncé has even heard of lululemon?

It's for mortals, after all.

"Lu who?" She asks.

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