Waking Up With Lucky B. Smith

Waking Up With Lucky B. Smith

Spend an intimate morning with model Lucky B. Smith.

by Paper / photography by Matt Lambert / styling by Adele Cany

Lucky B. Smith Between the Sheets

With his deep-blue-something eyes, platinum blond hair and aw-shucks good Mormon boy demeanor, California via Utah model Lucky Blue Smith somehow manages to be simultaneously edgy enough to have Tom Ford and Jeremy Scott clamoring to work with him but innocent enough to make the teen girls swoon. He's already conquered Instagram and the male modeling world, hung out with Lady Gaga and perfected the six-pack, but he's still got plenty left on his to-do list. Up next? Turning voting age and focusing on his garage rock band, the Atomics. Smith plays drums in the snappy quartet along with his three fabulous sisters. Talent and looks? Some guys really do have all the luck.

Tell us more about your band, the Atomics. How did you form, and what do you have coming up?

We started playing as a band, like, five or six years ago! I got my drums 11 years ago. We are starting to work with some cool writers and producers, so a lot is about to happen!

What is the most amazing thing about being you?

Being able to travel, having incredible opportunities and meeting such amazing people at a really young age.

What is the most stressful thing about being you?

I wouldn't say there's anything too stressful about being me. Sometimes my schedule is a little out of control, but I just need a Coke once in while, and I'm fine.

What was it like when you jumped to over a million followers?

Hitting over a million followers was crazy! I didn't expect to have that many followers on Instagram when I started -- I was really shocked and super stoked!

What is the question you get asked the most on social media?

I probably have girls ask me to marry them the most on social media!

You follow a lot of beautiful girls on Instagram... have you ever been on an Instagram date?

Hahaha, yeah!! I follow a few and no, I haven't been on an Instagram date yet!

It looks like you have had some crazy moments when you have let fans know where you were and had a "meetup." How much longer do you think you can do meetups with your fans like that before it becomes dangerous.

Meetups have been crazy and fun! I love doing them, and I don't think they will ever get dangerous.

Do blonds have more fun?


What will change when you are 18?

I will travel by myself and probably move into my own condo, but other than that nothing really.

Do you get grounded?

Yeah, hahaha!!! When I do something stupid, for sure. But it doesn't happen a lot.

What was it like to dance with Lady Gaga?

Dancing with Lady Gaga was really fun. She's really awesome and super fun to work with.

Do you have a Google Alert for yourself?

No, I don't have a Google Alert. But I think my dad or mom does.

Have you ever edited your own Wikipedia page?

No I haven't, but I should check it out to see if it's true.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you since you became famous?

I still don't think I'm that famous, but I'm not sure. Maybe just always getting noticed wherever I go.

Who do you still want to meet?

I totally want to meet Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt!

What would your first child be named?

Ace or Zephyr if it's a boy, and IDK about a girl yet. THAT'S TOO FAR AHEAD TO THINK ABOUT!!!

Can we call you Blue?

Yes, of course you can call me Blue!

Video by Cycy Sanders

CYCY Sanders is an award winning video director based in New York City. After obtaining his law degree from the University of Rotterdam, he picked up his video camera and never opened the book of law again. In his early stages, CYCY eagerly filmed just about anything he saw until BNN, a Dutch TV station, saw something in his work and hired him as a TV director. BNN is where the groundwork was formed and CYCY's style emerged. His style of work can now be categorized as fast paced, energetic and fun. As video was becoming a very popular medium in the US, two years later CYCY packed his bags and moved to New York City.

When Nicola Formichetti, then the Fashion Director for Lady Gaga and Creative Director for Mugler, saw a perfect fit for CYCY to translate the launch of his new brand, Nicopanda, into a digital experience, he found the perfect opportunity to document the extravaganza and share it with the world. With all the traction CYCY's videos were receiving with Mr. Formichetti, CYCY began creating videos for brands and Magazines such as VMagazine, Vogue, MAC Cosmetics, G-Star, Diesel and Paper Magazine!

CYCY has been contributing to Paper Magazine since his video featuring rapper and singer Brooke Candy for our 30 year anniversary. Most recently, he created a series of portraits featuring influential New Yorkers, exposing their lives and interests in an open and artistic way with artists such as Lucky Blue Smith, Vic Mensa and Lua Perez and brands such as Sephora and Converse.

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