"Lost Rockers" Found

David Hershkovits

Rock journalist Steven Blush and filmmaker Paul Rachman are back, digging up more stories about the tumultuous lives of the rock 'n' roll biz. After joining forces a few years ago on American Hardcore, a documentary that chronicled the vanishing world of the underground Hardcore scene, the duo is back in production with Lost Rockers. I can still remember watching American Hardcore with a roomful of people from that scene and hearing the howls of laughter that greeted one tale after another. As they wrote on their kickstarter page where they are raising money to complete the film, "Lost Rockers reveals great musicians overlooked by pop culture. It offers insight into what it takes to 'make it,' and why so many of equal talent to famous stars fall through the cracks. The film tells the life stories of these forgotten artists -- of different eras, genres, creeds and orientations -- from their doomed paths to fame to their ultimate redemption. You'll experience amazing music you can't believe you never heard." Next week, Blush and Rachman are interviewing New York Dolls founder Rick Rivets, original Pretenders drummer Gass Wild, Evie Sands and Cherry Vanilla. They've also been invited by the late Marc Bolan's girlfriend Gloria to the "Blood Diamonds" region of Sierra Leone, for the opening of her Marc Bolan School of Music. They're hoping to have a rough cut by 2111's film fest season.

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