Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor--also known as Lorde--took to Twitter to reflect and lament the relentlessly fickle and ever-shifting construct of fame.

Lorde live-tweeted her Uber driver's rapturous recounting that he had just picked up a celebrity before her, seemingly unaware that he was, right then and there, in the presence of one again.

The driver must have been confused; after all, the New Zealand-born singer has been relatively out of the spotlight since her banner 2013-2014, recording a new album, and brushing off the seaweed when Taylor Swift needed her for photo opps.

Anyway, back to the Uber.

Lorde didn't feel sparkly.

Lorde then came to a searing revelation that she was, in fact, a ghost:

The truth hurts, Lorde, even if you can't feel pain, because you're a ghost, and a transparent projection of undead matter.

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