Well, well, well, latest One Direction member to go solo, Liam Payne, is tattooed and half naked and bringing on board a hip-hop titan and putting out a single titled to imply sex and it all feels eerily familiar...almost like we've been through it all before.

Liam released this saucy teaser earlier this week, touching various parts of his body to a RnB-esque beat:

And now, we know more. We know there will be a single next week. We know it will be called something trés sexual like "Strip That Down". We know it will feature Quavo, the Beyoncé of Migos, who has more features than I have hairs on my head. Also it sounds like it's going to be good.

Will this be the beginning of a beautiful battle for the post-boy band RnB throne? Or will it be the start of many collaborations between the pair? Only time will tell, my sweets. Only time will tell.

Image via Getty

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