Look out for the Lorick Lady

Rebecca Prusinowski

The Lorick Lady has one foot on the ground and her head in the clouds. Yesterday Abigail Lorick presented 15 looks that melded layers of sumptuous brown tweeds, printed chiffons and sheer black lace with rococo hats and gilded jewels. It was another divine collection from the New York up-and-comer who has made chic women's dress -- with a dash of eccentric detail -- her calling card. We loved the tea dresses and jackets adorned with chunky Subversive jewels, gloves, decadent headdresses, and razzle-dazzle tights -- old-fashioned glam meets meets modern Gossip Girl.

Abigal gave us the lowdown on her inspirations behind this collection -- and how she recovers from the Fashion Week frenzy.

What were some of the inspirations behind this collection?
This season I was inspired by...kind of like an internal state. The name of the collection is 'Angels and Cacoons,' so it's about using these light fabrics to create structure and shape that are -- because of the fabrics -- feminine and elegant.

I was wondering about the headgear -- the hats.  Did you design those in collaboration with someone?
We worked with Leah C. -- she's a genius, it was an honor to work with her. Absolutely stunning -- we're gushing.  Now, do you have any post-show rituals?
McDonald's...and sleep.  I go and I want to get my burger and my Diet Coke and then just pass out.

Who is a modern day Lorick Lady?  Is there a celebrity figure or who do you envision?
It's kind of this woman that I've just created in my mind.  It's my ideal woman of whom I aspire to be...though there is a girl named Belle Hahn -- she's a Lorick Lady.

Belle Hahn?  Okay, I'll go look her up.  She must be chic!

Click here for some stellar closeup footage of yesterday's Angels and Cocoons Lorick Fall 2010 Collection.

Photos by Rebecca Prusinowski


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