Long Live Head Scarves! Rhoda: Season Two Out On DVD.

Rhoda: Season Two (Shout Factory), is now out on DVD! This was the second year of the highly rated spin-off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, starring the wonderful Valerie Harper as Rhoda, still married to Joe (David Groh), living in Manhattan, and trying to start a window designing business with her old classmate Myrna (Barbara Sharma). This was a fun season -- with the always terrific Julie Kavner as her sister Brenda, and a host of fun guest stars: Ruth Gordon was nominated for an Emmy playing Carlton, the doorman's oddball mother; Vivian Vance shows up as a fascinating neighbor that befriends Rhoda and makes her mother (Nancy Walker) jealous; and Norman Fell plays a doctor that Ida (Nancy Walker) weirdly assumes Rhoda is having an affair with. These are all unedited and very funny. Long live head scarves!

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