London Report: Scenes From the TAR Magazine Party

Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

Darlings, so I have landed in London! The first thing I did was check out the launch of the new bi-annual mag put out by the fabulous people at Tar-Art. Simply called TAR, the cover picture is a ghostly image of Benicio Del Toro shot exclusively by Julian Schnabel for the book. That should give you an idea of what lives inside. Truly amazing articles and pictorials, filled with all the right names -- think Ryan McGinley, Juergen Teller, Dave Hickey and Joan Didion. The only thing missing was a piece on, or by, Elizabeth Peyton.

The sole fashion spread was a stealthy little bugger. Shot by Dave Sherry and titled "Advertisements for Myself" (yup, that clicked your Norman Mailer button, didn't it?), the spread immediately followed the slew of fashion ads in the front of the book. The editorial was shot exactly in the style of famous ad campaigns, I mean exactly, but sans any print. So you look through it over and over and think, "What is this? No way. They couldn't have. OMG, yes they did! They misprinted and left the words off of these ads." I was all ready for the backlash in the fashion press. Then, after a few perusals, I got it when I caught the page of credits at the end. I was completely fooled.

In another fashiony twist, Juergen Teller gives us a haunting, nude Lily Cole and let me say this: Damn, those two are good at what they do.

Spotted at this intimate, little fiesta was fellow New Yorker, Derek Blasberg, who arrived with Harry Potter hottie, Emma Watson.

But on a quick cultural note, when I landed at the party, I got the first smack of the British love of booze when I asked the bartender, "Is this an open bar?" To which he replied in his British twang, "No, not an open bar, just champagne, the specialty cocktail, vodka, beer, scotch...." I didn't have to listen to the rest, because in America, that sounds like an open bar, in stark contrast to some of our launch events where there is usually only a single promotional liquor to quench our very-thirsty palates.

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