London Fashion Week Report: The Topshop Unique Show

Alannah Sparks

Philip Green pulled out the big guns for the Topshop SS10 presentation, and the result was a stellar front row. Everyone for the old brigade (Twiggy, Erin O’Connell) to the glamorous neophytes (Chung, Lezark), to the big old superstars (Kate Moss) came to support the show.

With an eye-squintingly bright LED backdrop the show was an unabashed, riotous, rip-roarious return to the Eighties. Acid-wash denim? Check. Crop top and bicycle shorts? Check. Iron-on patches and be-ribboned side ponytails? Check, check, check. Punky Brewster would have been proud.

But however much the overall styling appealed to the young at heart, there were some key pieces that offered real substance for those more serious about style setting. Body-skimming maxi dresses in acid-colored geometric patterns are no doubt going to be a key shape come summer, and a slate grey romper suit brought an unusually sophisticated edge to the often puerile piece.

The classic Topshop pieces were delivered with the usual flair -– brightly patterned Ra-Ra skirts and sharply cut blazers will keep the majority of their fan base happy.
We can leave the chiffon leggings and rubber shorts to the hardcore Unique gals.

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