London Fashion Week Report: The Mulberry Party

Alannah Sparks

Fashion Week isn't just about a huge global industry -- it's really an opportunity to revert to being a child. You get to dress up in crazy clothes, eat sweets for dinner and dance your socks off. And if you're really lucky you get to go to a party like the Mulberry after-show bash, which turned Claridge's ballroom into a carnival on Sunday night. Every inch of the conserved Art Deco walls were covered with multicolored balloons, a candy floss machine whirred in the corner -- even the ladies' cloakroom had dolly mixture on the chaise longues. And the sugar was going to everyone's heads -- Mulberry muse Alexa Chung headed straight for the face paints, while Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding pulled poses on the carousel, and even Leigh Lezark cracked a smile. But the kids all went really wild when the Friendly Fires came on stage and played an epic set that had everyone bouncing off the walls. We popped into Vivienne Westwood's party on the way back, but no amount of free red bull and pounding techno could rescue us from aching feet and a huge sugar hangover.

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