London Fashion Week Report: Belle Sauvage

Bubbles Gilmour

This London Fashion Week, we've managed to wrangle East End designers and girls-about-town Nova Dando and Bubbles Gilmour to report on the madness from their loft in Shoreditch and the tents of  Somerset House. We consider this somewhat of a coup, as Nova and Bubbles are two of the most sought after London duo since Peaches and Pixie! Ms. Gilmour spoke to
Christian Neuman of futuristic UK line Belle Sauvage.

Who and what was your inspiration for the show ?

Belle Sauvage was moved by the industrial imagery found in German expressionism, especially in early 1920's films. Belle Sauvage amalgamates classic futuristic drawings and heavy machinery into prints and shapes.

What was the show highlight for you ?
How the whole look came together with so many talents involved. We absolutely loved the hair, makeup and the shoes. Every element was just like we imagined it and the whole look was very strong. We were extremely happy to have such a packed house and all the positive comments on the collection.

I loved the music for the show, what was it and who did it ?
I produced the show music. It was built on self-recorded guitar riffs, Kraftwerk and Rammstein. The idea was to create a very dark, industrial and spheric sound to complement the show.

What excites you the most about London Fashion Week?
To be part of such amazing talent showing in London.

What plans do you have for your label over the next six months ?
Pushing our creativity even harder for next Spring/Summer season, and hopefully moving further into accessories.

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