Loden Dager and the Boys of (Spring/) Summer

Martin Marks

It seems that this season, the boys of Loden Dager have abandoned the clambakes and beach breaks of the coast for the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, if not Marrakesh. Turquoise, as found in a wide stitched v-neck sweater and a thin lapelled suit, was the reigning color of the day, complemented by a palate of soft pastel pinks and yellows, and moodier yet supremely refined grays and navy blues.

Highlights from the collection included a striped button-down that had the feel of a Guayabera/Baja shirt hybrid, though with not a hint of the frat house about it. A pair of drawstring shorts, found in both khaki and turquoise, left me wondering why they don’t give out Nobels for pockets.


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