LIZ's "U Over Them" Features Hello Kitty, Pokémon and Every Other '00s Fad

by Max Kessler

Beware: LIZ's new music video, "U Over Them," will send you right back to the late '90s/early '00s when boy bands ruled the airwaves and cutesy anime was everywhere. Loosely following the story of a googly-eyed, high school-aged unicorn in love with a googly-eyed donkey, the video displays every nostalgia-ridden, Internet-y thing ever while retaining an upbeat Lisa-Frank-perusing-Tumblr-on-acid sensibility. Things you'll see include: various Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Ja Rule (feat. Ashanti), Justin Timberlake in his ramen noodle hair days and Grumpy Cat. The song sounds retro too, like something from Bubblegum Pop's golden age that you randomly hear on the radio and just have to sing along to. Watch above.

[via Dazed Digital]

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