Liz Claiborne's hot with the kids

Wait. Hang on. It seems as if my good friends over at Screaming Mimi's (NYC's coolest vintage store) have been selling vintage '80s Liz Claiborne pieces (see photo above) these days hand over fist. They just cannot keep this stuff on the racks it's in such demand. My friend Laura who owns the shop (and is working so hard on getting her fabulous beach shop ready in Montauk for the summer) is incredulous. She tells me the kids are all dying over vintage '80s Liz Claiborne, which is kind of shocking to me -- that stuff is UGLY IMHO. But when I heard that Hedi Slimane snuck into the shop and bought a womans '80s Liz Claiborne top for himself I almost died. (Is this about being green or about loving shoulder pads?)

I couldnt resist letting my genius friend Isaac Mizrahi (who is toiling away on the new image of Liz Claiborne) in on this little groovy secret about LC's popularity at Screaming Mimi's. Well Isaac is a MODERN kind of guy. He assured me that what he was doing had nothing to do with the '80s (thank god) and that he was having so much fun working on his first LC collection, which I am POSITIVE will be fabulous (not in the retro way). I actually can't WAIT to see what Mizrahi does for Claiborne. I'm sure it will put the dinosaur brand back on the map with a smart, colorful, fun, fabulous update. By the way, I wish they'd also get Isaac to design the Kate Spade line (also owned by LC). He is perfect aesthetically for that brand as well and is about the only other designer in the world who I think could carry on the aesthetic as well as the Spades. We'll see. Mizrahi's first Claiborne collection debuts in Spring 2009.

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