Lady Gaga's Little Monsters continue to prove their fandom's supreme cunning in their dedicated worship of Mother Monster; this time, the tech savvy fans managed to "trick" to their Amazon Echoes (aka ALEXA) into playing 30 second snippets from Gaga's forthcoming album Joanne.

In a Send File video (which you should listen to now before it's removed) posted by one L.M., she explains the heavenly glitch, which offered samples of "Diamond Heart, A-Yo, Joanne, John Wayne, Dancing In Circles, Sinner's Prayer, Come to Mama, Hey Girl (featuring Florence Welch), and Angel Down:"

Well, damn.

Hearing whoever filmed this whisper "Oh my god" in astonishment has made my week.

It's unclear if this was a tear in the system, or some veeeery subtle marketing ploy, but the loophole has since been sealed back up. Thankfully, the album sounds truly awesome.

Come through, Queen Alexa.

Here's another cut of Gaga's Elton John-sounding duet with Florence below.

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