"wHo," Zayn Malik's contribution to the star-studded Ghostbusters soundtrack that includes the likes of DMX, Missy Elliot and Fall Out Boy, will save your life.

Unlike "Cruel," Malik's recent collaboration with Snakeships that goes from sexy-and-brooding to dance-your-heart-out pop, "wHo" routes us in a somber mid-tempo. Taking its hook-- "Who you gonna call?/ Who you gonna call?"-- from the classic Ghostbusters lyrics we're all familiar with, "wHo" pulls on the heart strings and drives the darkness out with light.

These days, something is always in retrograde-- whether it's our coping skills, society or Mercury-- so we need a song like "wHo" that's hopeful. Malik's voice plays savior and soothes us with an aching, crisp melody.

Cloak yourself in "wHo" below.

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