In an inspired project of digital archaeology, Redditors in the Hip-Hop Heads forum have uncovered a trove of unreleased Tyler, The Creator tracks from his pre-Bastard era.

Lying deep in the no-man's-land of MySpace archives, under the (glorious) nom de plume of " I Smell Panties," Tyler, The Creator's pre-fame profile showcases the beginnings of the rapper's signature style and flair. Their rough homemade quality aside, the tracks still feature Tyler's ever-recognizable animated vocals, and keyboard riffs, as well as lyrics that fluctuate between quirky and rather disturbing.

Published in 2008, when the multi-hyphenate Odd Future founder was only 17 years old, the newly-unearthed tracks offer a peek of what will later evolve to be explosive work like Bastard and Cherry Bomb, the digitally-preserved soundtrack of a teenage Tyler's inner weird.

Check out the fledgling tracks below.

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