The latest tribute to the late David Bowie's powerful legacy is a tear-inducingly good cover of hi 1973 Hunky Dory classic "Life On Mars" performed by Trey Songz for HBO's Vinyl.

"I was honored that the producers thought of such a legend and myself in the same breath," Trey told Complex via email. "I had to do what I do best, because icons like David paved the way. After learning of his passing I knew that this was a special moment in time and this cover became my personal tribute to David. Experiences like this have helped to shape my future and respect the past of others before me. This has become a very special moment in my career and I am blessed and grateful to be apart!"

Incredibly tender and reaching all those high notes, don't mind us as we weep quietly in the corner. Listen to it for yourself below.

[h/t Complex]

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