Listen to the New Phoenix Single


1) Listen to Phoenix's new single, "Entertainment." (via)

2) Has Honey Boo Boo's Uncle "Poodle" been circulating naked pictures on Grindr? (TMZ, photo by Pete Markham on Flickr)

3) 20 years ago, MTV News interviewed St. John's University students (and a librarian) for their opinions on Nirvana's to-be-released album In Utero. Choice quote: "A lot of the lyrics I thought were just thrown in. They could have deeper meaning, I tried to analyze them, but some of these lyrics...I think if I was stoned when I listened to it I might have liked it better. But I don't do that anymore." (via)

4) Mississippi has finally ratified the thirteenth amendment, thanks to one citizen's viewing of Lincoln.

5) Burger King's official Twitter account was hacked today by hip-hop fans.

6) Photographer Tamara Staples's remarkable chicken portraits. (Behold)

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