Listen to the Heartstring-Twanging "I'm A Ruin" by Marina and the Diamonds

by James Rickman
Ever since late last year, when she made our "Haunt Your Dreams in 2015" list, Marina Diamandis has been coming at us from all sides. We've had classic high-production videos, a live-in-the-studio performance and two Pac Man screen savers. We've had a weird and just really good dance track, a soaring, slide-down-the-wall-crying piano ballad and, as of yesterday, a starkly confessional single called "I'm a Ruin." All the songs are from FROOT, the third Marina and the Diamonds album, due out in April. Expect a couple more one-offs leading up to the album's release. But first, space out to "I'm a Ruin," above.

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