For most of us, making a song about our mothers would prove to be quite difficult. The first woman in our lives is usually also the closest. How are we supposed to encapsulate, in song-form, our love, respect, and admiration for the woman who, quite literally, is the reason we are here?

In the first single from her debut album ISON (out sometime this year through her own label, Twisted Elegance), Tehran-born Sevdaliza tackles that seemingly impossible task. The fittingly titled "Hero" is a musing on the unhappiness many of us experience in spite of the important gift all our mothers have blessed us with: the gift of life. Featuring the dark post-dubstep production and haunting lyrics that the singer has become known for, "Hero" is sure to please old fans and certainly will rope in some new ones.

Listen to the gorgeous new track below.

Splash photo via Instagram

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