Following the shocking, devastating death of Prince today, we lost a legendary musician. If your mourning process is anything like ours, then your first instinct was to go and listen to ALL THE PRINCE. The problem? Almost none of his work currently exists on YouTube or Spotify. Luckily, Minnesota radio station the Current knows exactly what a grieving nation needs: nonstop access to His Purpleness's jams.

For those of us who aren't in Minnesota and can't flip a radio on, you can instead go to The Current's website, and listen to their livestream. Now, let's gather 2 get through this thing called life and celebrate with dance music sex romance.

Their not the only ones who have felt the need to memorialize The Artist. Following news of his death, MTV paused their scheduled programming (and endless block of Rob Drydek's Fantasy Factory) to run a marathon of Prince music videos. What better sign of Prince's incredible impact on the world than his ability to make MTV play music again.

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