Listen To Lana Del Rey Cover Daniel Johnston

She gives "Some Things Last A Long Time" a tender rework.

Of course, Lana Del Rey is a fan of melancholic, love-lorn lo-fi hero Daniel Johnston -- so it makes sense that girl covered his 1990 classic "Some Things Last A Long Time" for a forthcoming short film called Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston? about said icon.

Appropriately morose and heart-wrenchingly emotional, Lana breathes new life into the tune with ample vibrato and a slightly folky spin -- which TBH had me a little sniffly as a fellow Daniel stan. After all, the crowdfunded film itself looks low-key devastating, as it sees Johnston in an imagined conversation with 1983 Daniel, who speaks about everything from writing the seminal Hi, How Are You to the infamous love of his life, Laurie (played by singer-songwriter Soko!), all with a little help from his cartoon frog creation, Jeremiah. Watch the trailer below to hear LDR's cover around the one-minute mark -- and try not to tear up.

Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston? from Gabriel Sunday on Vimeo.

[ h/t Vulture]

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