There are lots of cultural spaces one might not expect to find Kim Kardashian, but that just makes it more fun when she finds her way in. Case in point: NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! The quiz show is beloved among a certain set for the wit of host Peter Sagal and, until last year, the dryness of judge Carl Kassel. Somehow, Kim was a guest on the last episode, where she was asked several questions about the life of the other famous Kim -- the North Korean dictator.

You might expect this to be on the awkward side -- especially with Sagal's put-on, dad-like doofiness and references to the "basketball friends" Kim and Kanye had at the latter's birthday party. But Kim was charming throughout, stepping in to remind Sagal that The Sparks, a WNBA team, also play at the Staples Center -- and making an excellent public radio case for why NPR listeners should check out Selfish. Listen to the whole segment and read the transcript here, then wait for Kim to get her own radio show.

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