(Photo by David O'Donahue)

Opening with what sounds like a '60s-era egghead scientist (who, it turns out, as actually a voice in the Disney classic, Fantasia) imploring the band to "kindly produce a sound. Go on. Don't be nervous. Go ahead. Any sound," Joywave launches into their new track, "Destruction," with some sludge-y riffs that elicit "well, that wasn't quite what I had in mind" from the disembodied voice. The beauty of the song is that you never really know exactly what the band has in mind, since the song's vibe is a seamless blend of drone-y chords, bloop-y synths and falsetto-laced vocals, a perfect torchbearer for the post-genre music scene in the Age of the Internet when diverse inspirations are just a mouse click away. Above all else, though, it's a cathartic track, one that'll equally appeal to kids who need heavy distortion to let loose and those who prefer synth-y dance jams. "Destruction" will appear on the Rochester-based band's forthcoming debut album, How Do You Feel Now?, out April 21st and we're psyched to be premiering it below. The band will continue their tour this spring with Bleachers and will be playing Terminal 5 in NYC on April 9th. To see more of their tour dates, go HERE.

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