Swet Shop Boys, the trans-Atlantic trio composed of ex-Das Racist Heems, Riz MC and producer Redinho, have just dropped their new song, named for teen pop idol Zayn Malik.

Taken from their forthcoming album Cashmere, it's a meditation on South Asian identity in a world of Islamophobia and acute xenophobia. "We got in the booth and pretty much free-styled this track. At the time it just flowed but stepping back I see how there's a thread in there about aspiration and role models," Riz MC said in a statement. "It's confusing for our youth about who to look up to; radicals or pop stars, or neither. Somewhere out there Heems is 'a college dorm room poster' tho, and maybe that's something."

Listen below.

[h/t Pitchfork]

photo via Facebook

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