And no, by "rat" we don't mean that "darkcore ravewave" producer you used to date.

Instead, we're talking about "Ratsputin," a new experimental music project facilitated by students at Arizona State University, who want to change how the general public views "these animals as a second-class set of species." According to project head Andrew Sanchez, "Rats are as intelligent as any dog or cat and can be easily trained. If they're out of the cage and they're nice enough, they will come to me if I call them," so, you know, why not have them create avant-garde electronic music by placing iPads in their cages and having their movements feed into a synth? Plus, they probably look cooler in an edgy sewer press shot than your local bleep-bloop maker.

Listen to the surprisingly complex composition below.

[h/t Electronic Beats]

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