It was only a matter of time that someone remixed Solange's epic A Seat At The Table in its entirety, and it looks like the quickest to the draw was Houston-based producer DJ AudiTory.

And while it's a very jammable, smoky take on the already-gorgeous masterpiece, what we find especially compelling is AudiTory's accompanying message, which posits A Seat At The Table as an "empowering and insightful" album that's necessary for the black community. However, he notes that while it's a "very feminine tape...I can still vibe hard with it," which he segues into an interesting discussion about hyper-masculinity in the black community and the way it affects the reception of great, woman-made art.

"I think [this hyper-masculinity is] lowkey sad, because a lot of quality albums this year that have dropped alone (which include Lemonade, ANTI, Flume, etc.) are all jammers with the influence of women," he wrote. "I think it's funny cuz I know niggas be listening and singing these songs and knowing them in the privacy of their own lives but then act all hard and ignorant in public. It's not emasculating to jam women's music." Which we agree with 100%. Listen to the entire tape via DJ AudiTory's website here.

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