Yesterday, Dedekindcut fka Lee Bannon, shared a new mix called "BLACK HISTORY MONTH IN 3D" -- and in addition to being an excellent mix, it also served as a powerful statement against what he sees to be stereotypical norms associated with black culture and, subsequently, Black History Month.

Featuring a diverse collection of sounds that range from dystopian techno to sampled dialogue that evokes the black community's resistance to police institutions, "BLACK HISTORY MONTH IN 3D" also strives to subvert the "soul music stigma" Dedekindcut felt was typically associated with the celebration, telling us that he "wanted to flip the inside out, basically."

Released via NON Records -- an artistic collective of Africans and descendants of the African diaspora seeking to address issues of invisible power structures via sound -- the mix's artwork was also created by artist, DJ and PAPER favorite Juliana Huxtable, if you want to talk about incredible, multimedia collaborations. Listen to the excellent mix in full below, to see why it's so powerful.

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