Ahead of the release of her new album, Back To The Woods, on September 14th, Angel Haze teases out a new track, "Moonrise Kingdom." Staying on-theme with the record's title, the song opens with woodland sounds (crickets and other bugs) accompanied by piano chords before heavy drum beats arrive alongside Haze's plaintive vocals. Of the song, Haze said in a press release:

"I think there is a lot to be said of a love gone wrong. I just wanted to explore the boundary between what occurred and what could have been. I painted a picture with the colors it taught me, whether they are auburn with selfishness, green with possessiveness or pink with the memories of sunsets and long kisses...somehow i managed to realize a kingdom wherein all the controversy, all the colors, all the rage, the fear, the trauma could be beautiful...could be more than just motion sickness. You know? It could be a way towards a more progressive, expressive, and reckless love. The only problem is...i love best in my mind. Reality doesn't ever synch up. Anyway, this song is like the part in the film where they're on the roof in that wicked thunderstorm and theyre trying to decide if they're going to jump in love and possibly die together or let everyone else tear them and their wild apart."

I don't know. Fuck love."

Give it a listen, below.

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