Shortly before the release of DJ Snake's debut album Encore earlier this month, a short clip of Selena Gomez singing over a track featuring ex Justin Bieber called "Let Me Love You" surfaced -- fueling rampant speculation that they may have recorded a version together. However, when the album actually dropped, the official version of the song actually ended up only featuring her former flame, which sent the Jeleners into quite the tailspin.

And now, the mischievous Snake is adding to this mess, as he's just posted an extended version of what sure sounds like the Selena version of "Let Me Love You" to Snapchat -- a move that's got everyone extra wound up, especially on the heels of the whole #JustinDeactivedParty fiasco. After all, what's juicier than the newfound possibility of a duet between exes? Or, even better, an entirely Justin-less cover? Listen to Snake's Snap below while you twiddle your thumbs...

[h/t Idolator]

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