Listen To The Sexy Official Remix Of Ariana Grande's 'Into You' Feat. Mac Miller

Kristen Stegemoeller

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have reunited for the official remix of Song of the Summer™ contender 'Into You', and it is hot hot hot. The last time these two crazy baby-faced babies got together was on Mariah-lite banger 'The Way' from Ariana's 2013 debut, where they sucked face and made the world wonder: MORE THAN FRIENDS? (no.)

Be that as it may, if the release of Britney Spears' new music video didn't already have you smudging up your closest mirror and Groupon-ing pole dancing classes, this electro-RnB slinkfest certainly will.

Listen below...

Need more? Our lil cupcake may not be welcome in the White House, but she is always welcome to release a goosebump-inducing a cappella rendition of 'Into You', which... she also did this week.

Watch below and

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